Our Services

Direct Client Representation
Representation is provided to persons who face a devastating loss in family unity, housing stability, livelihood, personal safety or other basic necessities of life, and whose just resolution of the problem requires an attorney to advocate on their behalf. Franklin County Legal Services practices in family, immigration, landlord/tenant and other areas of civil law.

Legal Advice
In appropriate situations, advice only is provided to alleviate fear and give direction.

Pro Bono Referrals
For legal matters that we cannot provide direct representation or legal advice for, individuals may receive a referral to receive pro bono (free) services from a private attorney in a variety of civil matters.

Services to the Incarcerated
A staff attorney visits the Franklin County Jail regularly to provide access to civil legal services for prisoners.

Citizenship Exam Preparation Classes
The classes prepare individuals to take the naturalization exam in which persons are tested on their knowledge of United States civics and English skills.  Please click here for the current class schedule:  ./Citizenship Exam Preparation Class.pdf

Pro Se Custody and Divorce Services
Instruction is provided to educate and counsel individuals about family law problems. Forms are provided to enable participants to file in court if necessary.

If you are interested in receiving the assistance of Franklin County Legal Services and would like to be screened for eligibility for our services, please click here:

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