"It has given me the information that I needed to make about a decision about my situation."
"help in a sad time." 
"They patiently provided services to help with the divorce case and citizenship for my father."
"I want to thank Franklin County Legal Services for all your support as a nonprofit organization because I found so much help for my immigration matter, my children, and my housing issue etc. I'd like the organization to continue helping people in the community. Thanks and may God bless you."
"You have helped me through a lot of situations I could not get through alone." 
"Lam was very nice and tried to help us as much as he could."
"I have come here to ask for help with Gloria and thanks to this program, I have solved many cases.  It is a success.  Thank you." 
"I came in to see about having a Will done, and also a Power of Attorney.  I received a call from Gloria and she found me an attorney.  I called them and set up an appointment.  Thank you." 
"Lam was great assistance helping me with my custody concerns." 
Stories of Lives Changed through Franklin County Legal Services
Family Reunification.  A mother sought Franklin County Legal Services’ assistance after her husband left her and then took their children from her. She was able to get one child back, but the father would not allow her to see their other child. Through Franklin County Legal Services’ assistance, the mother was reunited with her child and there is now a fair custody order in place.
Brighter Future.  A teenage client of Franklin County Legal Services was awarded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status for the first time. A child of immigrants, the client had been brought to the United States by her parents as a young child. As she grew up, she realized she was unable to participate in many of the normal activities of her classmates such as getting a driver’s license and a job. She also lived with the constant fear of deportation. Her new legal status has given her a much brighter future.
Access to Necessities.  Through the Agency’s pro bono referral program, the Agency recently connected a client to a pro bono attorney in the community. The client was in need of guardianship of her severely disabled relative so that the relative could obtain access to necessary services such as speech and physical therapy, counseling, modifications to client’s home for relative’s care etc.
Freedom from Fear.  Franklin County Legal Services represented a mother in obtaining custody of her children after they fled poverty and violence in Central America. The children had been living with their grandparents prior to them traveling unaccompanied to the United States. The mother had previously come to Chambersburg to work. The custody order stabilizes the lives of the family and prevents the children from being deported to an unsafe situation.
Housing Preserved:  Franklin County Legal Services prevented a single mother and her children from losing their home.  The mother's landlord had sued her to force her to unexpectedly uproot her children and move out because she would not sign an unreasonable update to her current lease.   Franklin County Legal Services defended the mother and the court case was dismissed.