Our Services

Direct Client Representation
Representation is provided to individuals facing serious legal situations affecting loved ones/family relationships, housing, livelihood, personal safety, liberty, or other basic necessities of life.  Franklin County Legal Services practices in family, immigration, landlord/tenant, and other areas of civil law.

Legal Advice
In appropriate situations, advice only is provided to alleviate fear and give direction.

Pro Bono Referrals
For legal matters that we cannot provide direct representation or legal advice for in-house, individuals may receive a referral to receive pro bono (free) services from a local private attorney in a variety of civil matters.

Citizenship Exam Preparation Classes
The classes prepare individuals to take the naturalization exam in which persons are tested on their knowledge of United States civics and English skills.  For more information, please click here:  Citizenship Classes

Self-Help Services
Advice, education, and assistance for self-representation in appropriate family law matters is provided. Forms are provided to enable participants to file in court if necessary.

Know-Your-Rights Trainings and Detention Defense Initiative 
One-hour trainings on individual rights of immigrants.  In conjunction with these trainings, individuals may apply for limited representation during a police or ICE stop.

If you are interested in receiving representation, advice, self-help services, or a pro bono referral, please click below.  For information about how to access all other services listed above, please call us at 717-262-2326.

Legal Help